Friday, September 4, 2015

What's in Season: September

The seasons, they go round and round. I've been in Malawi over a year now, so I've been seeing the seasons come and go. At this point Cold Season is transitioning to Hot Season. Maybe it's Warm Season? It basically feels like a typical Spring in California, with mostly hot days, but cool mornings and evenings. There is a little more daylight too which is nice.

This time of year is really windy in Mulanje. I'm listening to it blow outside right now. It kinda sounds like waves. The wind has really been drying out the ground, including my garden, which is unfortunate because we are going through a bit of a drought here and water is scarce. I had water today, but not the last two days. So my garden is suffering.

My papaya tree is doing just fine though. The kids pointed out the first ripe papaya the other day. It was a little underripe for my taste, but they were so excited that I let them pick it. The papayas are really big and plentiful this year.

Besides papaya, sweet potatoes are also in season, and can be bought along the highway in my trading post. I also saw the first green mangos for sale in the market. They're small still. The kids eat them with salt.

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