Friday, September 25, 2015

Adventures in Malawi - Meeting the Neighbors

I had the pleasure of meeting some of Stesi's super friendly, hospitable, generous neighbors/landlords! We went over to say hello and we stayed to help with some chores :o].

Above the women are preparing cassava, which is a starchy root vegetable. 

It looks kinda like bananas, with the texture of cooked potatoes, and is ever so slightly sweet. It was the 1st time i had ever tried it (or even seen it) and i thought it was pretty good. It's a food that could easily be adapted into many different types of dishes because of it's neutral flavor. 

The men were just kinda hanging out.

Kids being kids - telling silly secrets to each other i'm sure ;op.

Kids helping with the chores.

I don't remember exactly what Stesi told me about these beans, but i remember her telling me that they're kinda dangerous (irritating to the skin?) to prepare and she was impressed that these kids were unphased by any danger posed by the beans.

Stesi and her landlord's daughter(?).

Helping with bean prep (not the dangerous ones...duh ;op).

Lil, but fat, worm dude.

The beans were so beautifully marbled...all different with green, purple with black, green with brown, etc.

Chickens with their chicks :o].

We were invited to eat lunner with them. The balls of dough behind her are similar to doughnuts.

They served us Nsima - Malawi's national dish, with a very tasty cabbage, fish, and some other meat. I liked the Nsima...and like the cassava, it's very bland, so it can be combined with a lot of different foods (hence the very flavorful cabbage). Nsima itself is made with corn flour (i think) which is finer than corn meal (which is what Mamaligă is made from, which tastes more like mushy cornbread) and is like a kinda solid mush.

Here she is cooking the dough balls that i mentioned a few pictures above. They fry them in oil (like doughnuts) and sell them in the Boma.

She gave Stesi and i one each. They are typically eaten as is, but we took them home and dipped them in cinnamon and sugar (the American way) and they were just like eating a doughnut from Home! YUMMY!

How adorable is that face?! :oD

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