Thursday, September 24, 2015

Adventures in Malawi - Stesi's School

One day i went with Stesi to school so she could give her final tests of the term. It's a lot different than my teaching situation. One advantage to her situation is that she teaches in English (even though they don't understand English as fluently as Chichewa), but other than that, i think it gets pretty stressful having to teach 80+ kids in a class meant for 30 kids. I don't know how she keeps it all organized. It's pretty impressive!

She was pretty funny though. I got to see "Ms. Kavanaugh" in action. She wasn't taking crap from anyone. The funniest part was when she literally "shooed" kids away from the door and windows after they'd finished their exams to keep them from talking with the kids still taking their exams. I almost started laughing out loud, but i contained myself...somehow. ;op

The National Anthem of Malawi is posted in all the classrooms. I wonder what it sounds like sung.

Here's Ms. Kavanaugh with her favorite class (not all of them of course).

Stesi's in charge of her school's library.

Sitting at her desk in the library...such a good teacher!

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