Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Adventures in Malawi - Lake Malawi

Once Stesi was finally on "official" vacation, we went to Lake Malawi and stayed at a cool hostel that Stesi and her PCV friends had been to before. 

We walked around the town and came upon this really cool tree!

There were these "Chembe Water Project" (http://www.chembeprojects.org/) taps throughout the town, which was really awesome. "The Chembe Water Project supplies the community of Cape Maclear with free, safe, clean drinking water by use of UV technology."

We helped ourselves. :o]

There's no escaping McDonald's i guess. ;op

One of the few remaining payphones in the world...and it's pink! I don't think it was actually operational though.

This was on the beach where our hostel was. It was an interesting location to have a hostel that caters to mostly Westerners. Next to the hostel, only partly separated by a bamboo fence, was the local village where the villagers did their normal everyday chores - washing clothes, dishes, and themselves in the lake. It was a surreal experience.

Just chillin' on the hammocks.
To the right is the bamboo fence that separates the hostel (tourist hotspot) from the village.

Malawian susnset. :o]

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