Thursday, September 24, 2015

Adventures in Malawi - Village Life

During our visit, we decided to celebrate Christmas in July, since we weren't able to celebrate together last or this year. So we made chocolate pancakes and listened to our Christmas playlists. It was great!

Pancake time! She even had maple agave syrup from HOME! It was perfect!

YAY! Water! The 1st couple days we were there we didn't have water, so when we did, we filled all the buckets and started checking off the chores list...

...starting with laundry.

My host mom has a washing machine, so washing my clothes like this was a new experience for me. And, like with bucket bathing, it gets your clothes "almost" least they smell like soap, so that's cool.

My host mom doesn't have a dryer, so hanging my clothes to dry is something i'm used to.

The building on the right is Stesi's outside kitchen (the 2 windows on the left) and her bathing room (the window on the left with the chitenje hanging behind it). She doesn't really use her outside kitchen (her guard stays there at night), but her bathing room gets used daily...provided there's water of course.

Our reward for a job well done: raw sugar cane! - a common treat in Malawi. Stesi makes it look so easy, but it' not if you're a beginner. She's a pro!

It's very fibrous and you have to chew off the outer layer first before you get to the sweet juiciness that awaits you. It hurt my teeth to try to tear off the outer layer, but it was worth it once i was actually able to get some decent chunks of the good stuff!

Time for a bucket bath - my 1st since shaving my head!

Stesi's preparing the fire for us to make our Christmas cookies :o]. I'm so impressed with her fire-starting skills! For anyone who knows Stesi, knows she hates (or hated) fire! Look at how awesome she is now! She's a total pro! Not only is she not scared of it, she actually enjoys it now! We might have a pyro on our hands ;op.

Our chocolate chunk peanut butter Christmas cookies! We meant to give some to the neighbors...but they somehow ended up in our stomachs instead...oops!

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