Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Adventures in Malawi - Boat Safari

First thing in the morning on our 1st full day at the safari camp we went on a boat safari which was soooooooooo coooooooool!!!!!!

By far, the most animals we saw were hippos. This is just one of many pods we encountered throughout the lake. 

We also had the honor of seeing 2 male elephants chillin' in the water! The night before, elephants had wandered through our camp. Stesi, me, and one of the camp workers had to hide behind a bamboo fence in the bathroom while we waited for a good 20 minutes for the elephant to finish eating from the tree about 20 feet away!

There are bald eagles in Malawi too!!

And crocs!

We also saw monkeys (not close enough for pictures) and sooooooooooo many different birds! Some of the birds had the neatest chirps! :o]

We had such a great time at the camp! I hope we get to go back next summer...it was worth the "ride from hell" to get there.

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