Thursday, September 24, 2015

Adventures in Malawi - Village Kids

The kids that live near Stesi came over every day while i was there to say hi. They were so cute and funny. They all wanted to see the bald white girl. Then i would show up and they'd all start was pretty funny ;op.

They wanted to help Stesi pull carrots from her garden.

YAY! A short little fat carrot! Stesi said that's the biggest one she's been able to grow so far, so things are lookn' up!

And, of course, she shared it with all the kids :o]. They all got a good bite.

One day Stesi provided them with paper and crayons so they could color.

Then she brought out the nutritious chocolate drink with a lot of added protein (from The States, of course).

They LOVED that stuff!


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