Thursday, September 24, 2015

Adventures in Malawi - Making our way to Village

This past summer Stesi and i spent a month together visiting each other's HCNs (Host National Countries). I went to Malawi first from July 17 - August 1, and Stesi came back with me to Moldova from August 1 - August 17.

The first place we went after i landed in Lilongwe (the capital of Malawi) was to her PC office :o]. 

I guess i didn't shave my head after all! It was just blown away! ;op

The 1st night in Malawi, we stayed in Lilongwe at a hostel (which has since been closed). This is my 1st experience with a mosquito net.

Malawi's "minibuses"...same idea as Moldova's rutieras. I can definitely say that Malawi has Moldova beat when it comes to travel. And by "beat" i mean superiorly chaotic! It was complete madness...people sitting and standing in places you would think there's no way even a small child could fit - a full grown man would squeeze into. 

The only redeeming quality the Malawian minibuses have over the Moldovan rutieras is the much welcomed "Current". Windows were almost always open with constant airflow during the whole ride (which were usually pretty long). Soooooooooooooo much better than sitting in a rutiera in 100' heat for 3 hours crammed with people (Moldova also over-stuffs their rutieras) and NO AIRFLOW...not only do people not want airflow because of the deadly "Current", but the rutieras are designed so that the windows don't open even if you wanted to.

While we would wait for the minibuses to fill up (cuz they wouldn't leave a bus depot until it was literally overflowing with people), people would walk around trying to sell their goods - french fries, fresh fruits and veggies, electronics, clothing, toys, candy, rats on sticks - ya know, just your typical vendors ;op.

Like i've mentioned before, every PCV, no matter where in the world they are, needs at least 1 bucket for basic survival. Before being a PCV i had no idea how multifunctional and useful buckets are! Here they are being sold at a Malawian Boma (market place).

Some beautiful scenery on our way to Stesi's village.

All the green in the foreground is tea! It's so beautiful! This photo doesn't do it justice. It's almost as bright as lime green, and fields and fields of it!

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