Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Adventures in Malawi - Safari Camp

Our next stop was to the Liwonde Safari Camp. The travel from Lake Malawi to here was the ride from hell that i wrote about on an earlier post under "Adventures in Malawi - Miscellaneous". Once we got to the actual camp, it was much MUCH better! This was definitely the highlight of the trip, in my opinion. The camp was super awesome and chill, the safari was a blast, and the people were friendly and very accommodating!

We stayed in a dorm-style room, and these are the mosquito nets all in a row over the beds.

The beautiful baobab trees!

Here is a Sausage Tree. Those yellowish things hanging from it are super heavy seed pods that could knock someone out (or maybe even kill someone) if it fell on them!

Stesi and me (my reflection is in the sunglasses).

This is the bar of the camp. The bar rules were on the honor based system. You could help yourself to whatever you wanted and then you wrote it down in a provided notebook, to be tallied at the end of your stay.

One side of the perimeter was just a wall of lounging couches.

This is a view looking at the bar from the couches.

Here is a canoe hollowed out from a tree trunk (common practice there). People use it to fish from (using the mosquito nets provided to them from the government).

And another Malawian sunset. I've never quite seen sunsets like in Malawi. Almost always the sun became bright red...it was almost like the sunset was in the actual sun rather than the sun illuminating the colors surrounding it like i'm used to seeing in The States. Unfortunately, my sunset pics aren't great...they were much better in person.

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