Friday, September 11, 2015

Adventures in Moldova - Camp GLOWTOBE Part 2

Besides sessions, we had a number of fun activities at Camp GLOWTOBE for the kids during the week. There was an obstacle course, a water balloon competition, night hikes, a talent show, tie-dying and a number of arts and crafts like painting and making friendship bracelets. There were also games like football, capture the flag and sports activities like yoga, boxing and Zumba. These were great team-building exercises and they made camp a lot of fun for all of us!

There were no toilets at the camp, but I’m a pro at using latrines by this point. Interestingly, the holes were shaped like triangles in these latrines, which was a first for me. Although it is a lot harder not to look down when the holes are so big.

Camp also provided my first taste of Moldovan food, and overall I really liked it. They served fresh bread at every meal, and we had lots of cheese and fresh stone fruits. They also made this fresh fruit compote to drink everyday which I couldn’t get enough of. The only weird thing is that it was hot, which is pretty weird to drink at noon in the middle of summer.

I even got to try Mamaliga, the National dish of Moldova. It is made of cornmeal and tasted very similar to polenta. They served it with a delicious soft cheese. Some of my other favorites were a porridge that tasted like cream of wheat, rice porridge, and whatever this was:

The last night of camp we had a candle-lighting ceremony for the Campers to say goodbye. Each camper and All-Star was given a certificate for attending camp. Here is me and PCV Christine with our Dacian campers.

After the ceremony we had a bonfire and disco celebration. Then before I knew it, the kids were leaving on a rutiera and camp was over. It was a memorable week, and I am so glad I got to be a part of it. The campers, the All-Stars and the PCVs made me feel really welcome. The camp was a great way to get introduced to Moldova.

Four cheers for Glow Tobe Camp!

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