Friday, May 30, 2014

Game #3 - Name that Parasite

Isn't nature grand?  Use the photos and descriptions to identify each parasite, while you marvel at the diversity of life.

A. dysentery:
    can be caused by protozoan parasites, which are usually single-celled and live in moist
    environments; cause intestinal inflammation and severe diarrhea

B. bedbugs:
    only millimeters in size, they prefer to feed on human blood as we sleep leaving multiple
    red bite marks on the skin

C. giardia:
     contain 2 nuclei and 4 flagella…although they may be cute, they cause severe diarrhea…
     don’t let the smile fool you ;o] generally spread via poor hygienic practices and human-to-
     human contact

D. plasmodium:
     spread into human blood by way of the mosquito as a vector, causing malaria

E. roundworm:
    the largest, most common parasitic worm in humans with 1/6 of the human population estimated to be
    infected by Ascaris lumbricoides or another roundworm.  It is prevalent worldwide, but more
    so in tropical and subtropical countries

F. flatworm:
    flattened oval or worm-like animals, usually no more than a few centimeters in length

G. tapeworm:
     transmitted by ingesting underprepared meat such as pork, beef, and fish, prepared in less than hygienic
     conditions; once ingested, they live in the intestines, sometimes for many years, and can grow as long as    55 feet!

H. hookworm:
     affects approx 576 million people globally; usually lives in the small intestines; larval invasion of the skin might give rise to intense, local itching, usually on the foot or lower leg, which can be followed by lesions that look like insect bites and can blister

I. botfly:
    also known as warble flies, heel flies, gadflies; “bot” meaning “maggot”; a large, densely
    haired fly that looks like a bumblebee; will infest the skin of humans and live out the larval stage in the
    subcutaneous layer, causing painful pustules that secrete fluids…yummy

J. whipworm:
    infects the large intestine; its common name refers to the shape of the worm - it looks like a
    whip with wider "handles" at the posterior end

Bonus - just in time for this posting, a story on NPR about a parasitic worm called schistosomiasis which occurs in Lake Malawi!

1-C          6-F
2-G          7-A
3-D          8-B
4-J           9-I
5-E          10-H

Game #2 - Peace Corps Anagrams

Read these fun facts about the Peace Corps and unscramble the capitalized words
  1. The Peace Corps logo includes a RSAT and a VOED.
  2. The Peace Corps was founded in March, 1961 under President NDEYNKE.
  3. The first group of Peace Corps Volunteers was sent to AGNAH in August, 1961 to serve as RCEHTAES.
  4. President Jimmy Carter’s mother served as a RNEUS in the Peace Corps.
  5. Over five percent of Peace Corps Volunteers are over age IYFTF.
  6. The Peace Corps is part of the Executive Branch, and falls under the Department of TEAST.  The 2014 budget is $379 LNIOMLI.
  7. HTE LPNSEHPIIPI is the country which has hosted the largest number of Peace Corps Volunteers (8,755).
  8. Over 45% of Peace Corps Volunteers serve in CRAIAF.  20% of volunteers serve in TNLAI CRMAIEA.
  9. The 1985 movie “Volunteers” stars MTO SHNKA, Rita Wilson and John Candy as Peace Corps Volunteers in Southeast Asia.
  10. Since 1961, the highest number of Peace Corps Volunteers have originated from FNCAIALOIR (28, 893), followed by WNE KORY (13, 085) and GASNTIOHW (8,975).

For more fun facts about the Peace Corps, check out their website.

  4. NURSE
  5. FIFTY

Game #1 - Malawi, Moldova or Both?

We created a few educational party games for our farewell party last week.  We decided to post them here.

Game #1 - Malawi, Moldova or Both
Despite the fact that we are going to different continents, we have actually found a lot of similarities between our countries.  Of course, there are a lot of differences too.  Read each statement and try to decide if it is referring to Malawi, Moldova or both.  Good luck!

  1.  The main agricultural crops include sunflowers and grapes for wine
  2. Daylight Saving Time is not observed
  3. The government designated a National Dance Troupe
  4. The highest elevation is 430 meters (1,411 feet)
  5. The President is the head of state
  6. Native wildlife includes zebras, elephants, hippos and crocodiles
  7. Home to Chibuku Shake Shake, an alcoholic beverage made out of fermented corn and served in a cardboard container.  The beverage is chunky, requiring that you shake it before drinking to mix it up, hence the name.
  8. This country is landlocked and does not border any oceans
  9. This country declared independence in 1964
  10. In the rural areas, outhouses are the most common toilet facilities
  11. The currency is the Leu
  12. Their national dish is called mamaliga, which is made from cornmeal
  13. Most of their rainfall is during the summer months
  14. This country is the poorest nation on its continent
  15. The national flag includes a red sun over black, red and green horizontal stripes
  16. The main agricultural crops include tobacco, corn and tea
  17. English is one of their two official languages
  18. In 2005 this country consumed the highest amount of alcohol per capita in the world 
  19. The population is predominantly Christian
  20. Under local law, foreign residents are required to have proof of a negative HIV/AIDS test to receive a residency permit

  • Malawi - 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 15, 16, 17
  • Moldova - 1, 4, 10, 11, 12, 18, 20
  • Both -  5, 8, 13, 14, 19

How did you do?

Peace Corps Resources for Family and Friends

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Welcome to the Peace Corps Sisters Blog

"Two best friends decide to fulfill their dream of joining the Peace Corps"... is how Stacy wanted to start this post.  Coalee wanted to start this as, "Serving God by serving others... while pooping in a hole".  Both are accurate.

It is now just a matter of days until each of us embark on our Peace Corps journey.  We are doing some last minute packing and getting our affairs in order, but most importantly we are trying to spend as much time as possible with all of you, our friends and family.  We are going to miss you all so very much, and your love and support mean so much to us.  This blog is a way for us to keep in contact with all of you and let you know how we are doing over the next couple years.  So please comment here and email us and send us letters!