Saturday, September 5, 2015

"The Cottonballs" (M28s) vs "The Current" (M29s)

Sorry about the absence of my blogging over the summer...

This picture is from a kickball/whiffleball/dodge ball game we played in the beginning of summer between the M28s (PCVs who are the year before us and who's services were completed this summer) and M29s (the group i'm in). Don't we look mean?? Good, cuz that's what we were going for! ;op 

Top row left to right: Kelcy, Daniel, SHam, and Matt.
Middle row left to right: Terry (she can't look mean even when she tries), me, Kirsten, Katie, Steve, Gabriel, other Kelsey.
Bottom row left to right: Cat, Amy, Chrsitine.

The Current, aka the M29s, aka my group, WON (duh)! And that's our trophy which we will bring with us next year for the M29s against the M30s game so we can defend our honor! Go Currents! :oD

The meaning behind the names: "The Current" is a deeply rooted superstition here in Moldova. It is believed that the "current" that is created if there are 2 or more open windows/doors in a room/rutiera/enclosed space will cause illness by entering the ears...for realz. It might sound ridiculous, and absolutely not backed by science, but it is a real thing nonetheless, and in the summer it can be unbearable (riding in a crammed rutiera for 2+ hours in 90' weather without any airflow is beyond nauseating).

"The Cottonballs" are what people do to combat The Current - they put cotton balls in their ears...for realz. 

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