Thursday, September 24, 2015

Time for a "little" haircut...

Well, i had been talking about it for a looooooooooong time, and the "right" time came for me to finally shave my head! Here are some before & after photos:

The tools (we couldn't find scissors, so we cut off my braid with a knife):

Makes for a messy toupee, or flattened dead animal rug...

The aftermath - on my way to Malawi to visit Stesi in the airplane toilet.

Thankfully, i never regretted shaving it. It's sooooooo much easier being in a situation where i can only shower no more than every other week, and inbetween i can only wipe down with baby wipes or take a bucket bath, both of which leave you feeling "almost" clean. Bucket bathing wasn't a great option for my hair because it was so fine and it would just become an instant tangled mess with soap residue left in it.

I shaved it at midnight on July 16, the same day i left to go to Malawi. It's now been almost 2.5 months and it's about 2" long and fuzzy, like a dandelion :o].

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