Sunday, August 30, 2015

One Year at Site

As of last week it has officially been one year since I moved to my little village in the district of Mulanje in southern Malawi. That means I have reached the mid-point of my service. One year down, one to go!

Colii took this photo of me with my Form 1 class in July

PCVs often go through a slump at this time. I can understand that. When I first got to my site everything was new and exciting. Now I am settled and sometimes the particulars of my day-to-day life here can wear on me. Like I sometimes think, if I have to fill up this water bucket to bathe one more time... But I know I have to fill it up hundreds more times yet.

And a year at site means I have been away from my home and my family and friends for a very long time now, which is really hard. I miss you all so much.

On top of all that, right when I got back from my amazing summer trip with Colii, I got really sick. Probably the sickest I have been since I came to Malawi. I think I am finally better, but it has been a rough few weeks. (And being sick without indoor plumbing is no picnic, especially when there is a small crowd of people watching you every time you step outside to use the latrine.)

So what is a PCV in a mid-service slump to do? Stay busy! School is starting next week, and I have my Mid-Service Training with the other PCVs coming up, and there are a few PCV gatherings in the works too. So there is plenty to look forward to, and to keep me busy.

You know what else would brighten my day-- hearing from you! So if you want to send me an email or write me a letter, feel so free : )

One more year. Here I go...

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