Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tea Break

I spent all of last week and a bit of this one in Peace Corps trainings. And if you go to a meeting in Malawi, there will be breaks. And they will be called Tea Breaks. And they are wonderful.

We had two tea breaks everyday (plus our three square meals). It was a LOT of food and drink. Which is probably why I started to get sick around Day 4, and still feel a bit off today. But I am digressing and you don't want to hear about my intestinal issues. You want to hear about tea breaks!

So most breaks, even at school, are referred to as tea breaks. That doesn't mean there will be tea though. At my school there is usually hot water, sometimes sugar. Which is fine with me since it was way too hot last term to drink tea at school anyway.

At meetings and workshops though, tea break is a serious business. There will usually be tea, Ricoffy instant coffee, Fanta and at the swanky places, Coca Cola. To go with your drink, there will be some type of snack meat (they served gizzard once this week) and a small pastry.

Black tea and a real biscuit

Instant coffee and "cake"

Even the bus I took to Lilongwe last week had a little tea break, with a drink and this little snack of chicken, a muffin and a mandazi (like a donut hole):

With beverages served at every meal, I was getting super caffeinated so I had to cut back to two cups a day by the end. But now I'm home so I'm back to water and a morning cup of joe. Except this coffee is special, as it was a gift from a PCV up North. He brought us all local Malawi coffee at our training as a Christmas gift. Thanks, Kade!

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