Wednesday, December 3, 2014

All's well that ends well

Today I thought I was gonna lose it. I had to go to the bank in the Boma, and I had to wait in line over half an hour for a simple transaction. Which is starting to be a common occurrence there.

Then I hopped on a mini-bus back to my village, only they waited for the bus to fill up... And waited... And waited some more. And I was trapped in my too short seat and it was hot, and people kept coming up to my window trying to sell me stuff, and this guy was trying to drum up passengers for our bus by yelling out destinations at people and pounding on the bus, which was giving me a headache. And then these teenagers decided to lean against my open window from the outside so they were actually pressing against the shoulder strap of my bag, and this guy was staring at me and saying "azungu", and this man was yelling about "segula mimba" which might translate to something like open stomach, I don't know. It was just total chaos. And I really considered just climbing over the lady next to me and running as fast as I could away from all the noise and people and cars till I got to the next village. Which is equally chaotic though because it is market day.

But I suffered through it and I made it back to to my village. Then I saw my friend as she was headed to the maize mill, and I had never been there so she said I could tag along. Which I did. And then I bought some Kalonkonda beans from a vendor and stopped at school to say hi before heading home. And then everything was good again.

Kalonkonda beans are rather bland on their own, but if you cook them with onions and tomatoes in a little oil they are quite good. Add some rice and you have a very filling meal. 

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