Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lumini de Crăciun (Christmas lights)...Moldovan style

Today my partner teacher told me to go to the Primăria (Mayor's Office) at 5pm for the "foarte frumos" ("very beautiful") lighting and decorations...so i went...and this is what i saw:

I was expecting a lot of people gathered around with a possible speech from the Mayor...not so much...no one else was there (not even my partner who told me to go) and what you see in the photo is the whole shabang! Kinda funny. ;op ...O ya, and my partner told me to bring my camera, so i did! :oD

Had to add my gloved peace sign bunny ears for the occasion! ...and ya, it's this dark at 5pm...it's actually dark by 4pm, and it's only getting darker earlier...

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