Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas keeps on giving

I have been craving Pop-Tarts for some reason, especially strawberry. And then magically, two boxes showed up at the Peace Corps Office in Lilongwe, where I am hanging out for a couple days.

Okay, it wasn't magic. They were donated to the PCVs by the Acting Ambassador. Mmm, strawberry Pop-Tarts-- it's a Christmas miracle!

It has been nice getting a chance to get some work done here at the office, and to enjoy some of the local amenities. Like toilets and showers and restaurants that serve American food like pizza and ice cream. (I think all PCVs are crazy about pizza and ice cream at this point). Mary Beth and I decided that the hostel where I am staying is not quite as nice as a Motel 6, but to us it is like a four star hotel. I mean, it even has a mini-fridge, a couple paintings on the wall and air-conditioning. It also has a TV with one channel on it. I feel like royalty right now.

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