Thursday, December 18, 2014

Care Package Love

I just picked up two care packages from the Post Office. One was sent in October and we were worried it would never arrive, but it made it. It's a Christmas miracle! The other was sent in November. So the average is still about three weeks for a package to reach Malawi.

So what was inside? Tea and almonds and instant oatmeal and chapstick and a ton of school supplies which I can use with my Malaria Education Club. And a lot more. But I can't think about all of that because I am distracted by this:

That's right-- real dark chocolate. 72% cacao. That is the first dark chocolate I have had in months. And it is just as good as I remember. And I haven't seen chocolate chips anywhere in Malawi, so these are like gold. If gold came in tiny edible morsels. I can't decide if I should try to make cookies on my hot plate or just keep eating them plain. (Cuz you'll notice there is a little tear in the corner where I opened the bag immediately upon spotting them. I am only human after all.) Also, holiday peeps! I've got big plans for these festive little treats.

Thank you SO much, Mom! I love you : )

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