Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Distracție Crăciun! (Christmas fun!)

Îngeri de Crăciun! (Christmas angels!) My partner teacher, Natalia, made the one on the right and two of my students made the other 2!!

I decided to hang them up in the window...i bet when classes start again in ianuarie (January), more kids will make them so we can hang them up in the other 2 windows!

And, as you can see...NO ZĂPADĂ (snow)!!! It's 23 de decembrie and there's NO ZĂPADĂ! I feel jipped! I thought for sure when we had our 1st snow on 24 de octombrie, that we were in for a cold SNOWY iarnă...i was wrong. :o[ It's currently 11'C (52'F)! My partner teacher told me this is primăvară (Spring) weather!

In Moldova, vacanță de iarnă (winter vacation) doesn't start until Christmas day...meaning there are classes through Christmas Eve. Christmas this year is on joi (Thursday), so i only have 3 of my 5 classes - on marți și miercuri (Tuesday and Wednesday). So instead of having a boring lecture, we made Christmas cards! This is my 5th grade class...well, like half of them. :o]

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  1. That is so crazy that school is open Christmas Eve! Hopefully you will have a nice long January break then. And maybe you will get some snow too. --S