Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Christmas from Malawi

What do my friend Mary Beth, french toast with strawberry jam, waterfalls and sugar cookie marshmallow Peeps all have in common? Christmas in Malawi!

For our first Christmas in Malawi, Mary Beth and I decided to take a trip to Zomba in Southern Malawi. And since my Mom sent me a pack of Peeps for Christmas, I decided to take one along with us for our Christmas Day adventures.

Here is my Christmas morning breakfast. I have really missed french toast in the village. No syrup though.

Then we went on a hike up to the Zomba Plateau. We saw Butterfly Falls, William Falls, and an overlook that the Queen of England had visited long ago.

It was so surreal to be in a forest. It is so different from most of the Malawi I have seen so far. It rained off and on so it was damp and very green as we walked. And guess what we saw-- a monkey! Oddly enough, the monkey was in a pine tree because a number of Canadian pine trees have been planted for the forestry industry. The plateau also has non-native Eucalyptus trees in some areas.

We had Christmas dinner at a backpackers hostel where we were staying for the holiday. We ordered apple pie for dessert, but the power went out before we could get it. So we lit some candles in our room and lamented the fact that we couldn't talk to our families since our phones were almost dead. Then the power came back on and we were able to charge up and call our families.  It was a Christmas miracle!

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