Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I just returned from Blantyre, one of the three largest cities in Malawi. It is in southern Malawi so it's my closest one.

Going to the city after living in the village is a bit of a shock. There are stores and restaurants and cars and a lot more people and noise than I am used to. But the toilets and running water are nice... when they work.

Here is a blurry photo I took while we were moving through Blantyre. I know it is a terrible photo, but it's hard to take photos when walking around. I usually try to keep my phone put away when we are in the city.

My favorite part about Blantyre is meeting up with the other PCVs. I've made lots of friends and acquaintences in the village, but nobody understands quite like a fellow PCV. And our favorite thing to do when we get together is eat! On Saturday we went to this amazing Indian food place where I had chana masala, garlic naan and this spicy cheese ball thing that tasted amazing! Full disclosure: I have eaten chana masala at that place three times in the past two weeks. It is that good. There also may have been a mango lassi involved.

My favorite thing to eat when we go out is pizza. I miss pizza so much! You can get pretty good pizza in Malawi if you go to the right places. Although admittedly my standards are a bit lower now. Here is a spicy veggie pizza I had last Sunday.

Love the thick crust. Yum!

After pizza we went out for gelato. That was kind of a big deal because you can find ice cream in the cities, but usually it is soft serve only. Which I do like, but it's not available in flavors like cookies and cream or mint chocolate chip. The gelato was really good, but then I was soooo full. Luckily we had a long walk back to our hostel. During which time it began to rain. But I had a hot shower waiting for me so I was happy.

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