Sunday, October 19, 2014

sistemul digestiv

This was a fun activity to teach about the digestive system! I cut out the names of the organs and their descriptions separately. I handed them all out and the students placed them on the diagram where they thought they belonged. Then my partner and i taught the lesson and at the end we asked if all the labels were correct. When the students realized they weren't, they corrected them. After that i gave them a blank poster and blank cut-outs of all the organs. As a class they colored the organs, glued them in their correct places on the poster, and correctly labeled it. Then we hung up their "masterpiece" in the class to show it off! :o]

...and saying words like "rect, anus, and fecale" wasn't as bad as i'd imagined it would be with middle-schoolers ;op

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  1. You are amazing! Not only are you teaching health ed, but you're teaching art!