Friday, October 31, 2014

Tsiku la bwino la Halloween

love Halloween. Obviously they don't celebrate it here in Malawi though. And while I am all about sharing our American traditions with my Malawian friends, somehow I don't think Halloween would translate. Plus I have been told there is still a belief in witchcraft and magic in a certain part of the population here, so Halloween might get a little too real.

So what's a Halloween-loving PCV to do? Celebrate it in Malawi style!

I give you, the Jack-o-Paw Paw (in Chichewa they call it a papaya, but in English they call it a paw-paw here. Not sure why. I'm just going with it).

And what would Halloween be without a costume? My little care package buddy decided to get into the Malawian-Halloween spirit with a pineapple costume.

Add a Snickers bar from the Boma and my traditional Halloween episode of This American Life (Episode 319, "And the Call Was Coming from the Basement"), and I've got a pretty festive little celebration. I even ate dinner by candlelight so it was kind of spooky.

Now I just need a photo of my adorable niece in her Halloween costume to complete the holiday.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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