Monday, October 13, 2014

Apreciere profesorii (Teacher Appreciation)

Since this is the last year the 9th graders will be at this school (because this school is only for primary and middle school, and 9th grade here is the last year of middle school), they put on a whole production for the teachers at the school, who they've basically grown up with. I was so impressed by everything they did! It was at the school in one of the hallways. They used students' desks and chairs. It was 3 hours long. They had food (pretty good...they even had dovleac [pumpkin] placinte!!), ceai (tea), and vin (wine)...even the tort (cake) was pretty good (most of the cake i've had here hasn't been great)! 

They sang and danced a lot!

They played jokes on the teachers ;op

Everyone danced the horă many many many many was the 1st time i've seen the horă...basically they dance in a cirlce over and over and over and over and over.

They played a game of dancing with their teachers on a piece of newspaper only...pretty funny!

Here they're trying to pop each others' balloons while still dancing with their teacher partners.

Overall, it was a fun evening! Again, i'm just super impressed by how much effort went into it! 

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