Monday, October 13, 2014

my work peeps miss me!! 😍

Feels good to be loved! I love you all too and miss you!!! ;o]

Miss Ritz!!! XOXOXO 
...side note: am i being flipped off?? ;op

Dr. Hamilton and Cin :o]

Cin & Cindy...miss you both!!!

I've always loved your style Ritz ;o]  Hey Glo! :oD

...and there it throne!!! i REALLY miss my love...sigh...i haven't seen even 1 single rocking chair in Moldova! i've been having serious rocking chair withdrawals! Is there tx for that?? And hey Frances! Sorry i kept missing you before i left! i'm curious to know what you missed giving me?? Please keep my chair in good working order! I know i can entrust you with that mission!! LUVU!!

I'm even starting to miss the food! Give my portion to Gail...she's lookn too skinny!! I love and miss you all dearly!!! 

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