Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bizarre Tan Lines

Be forewarned-- if you buy hiking sandals that cover most of your feet and you wear them everyday for three months in Malawi, you may end up with bizarre tan lines. I call them my "tiger stripe feet".

Surprisingly, nobody has commented to me about this, even though I think it looks really funny.

Luckily, that photo was taken back in August, after I had been wearing my sandals everyday. Now that I am teaching I wear different shoes so the tan lines have faded a bit. Which is good.

Side note-- I love the shoes in the photo. I got them here in Malawi at a shoe store called Bata that is part of a chain found throughout Malawi. My feet get filthy in them from walking in the dirt to school, but they are cute and comfortable and cheap so I don't mind. They remind me of the plastic "jelly shoes" I used to wear when I was a little girl. Now if I could find clear plastic ones with sparkles like I had when I was 5, I would really be in business!


  1. Love hearing the little details that make your life in Malawi so interesting. Fun stuff. Jelly shoes. who would have thought.

  2. lovn the "tiger stripes"...waaay cooler than my stupid flip-flop lines!!