Monday, October 13, 2014

elevi harnici (hard-working students)

I'm really enjoying teaching health ed to my middle-schoolers! I try to have a lot of activities for them to do because i really want them to have fun while learning! 

The 1st week of school i did an overview class called, „Ce este sănătate?” ("What is health"). I taught „Triughiul de sănătate” (Triangle of Health) which includes the 3 aspects of health: fizică, mintală, și socială (physical, mental, and social). For their activity i cut up posters into puzzle pieces which were color-coded: blue = mental health, yellow = physical health, red = social health. Then i had them draw examples of the different aspects of health, depending on what color they received. Then, once the puzzles were put together, it makes the Moldovan flag - at least via colors and stripes. Then i hung them up in our sănătate classroom so the students can be proud of their work, and so they know i take their work seriously and am happy to display it! As you can see, not all the students showed up for all the classes that we did this activity for, hence the blank pieces. But the students gather by the posters now before class to show off their artwork to their classmates...pretty cute :o]

This is my 9th grade class. During the topic of „Exercițiu fizice” (Physical Exercise), i divided the class into groups and had them lead the rest of the class in exercises the next week. It was fun! Of course, it didn't go as long as i'd hoped, so my partner teacher had us play games for the rest of the time...we played one that reminded me of "Duck, Duck, Goose" but a more teenage version, which was a lot of fun. We also played "Red Rover" which was funny.

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