Friday, October 9, 2015

Observations by Malawian Students

In my Form 1 Chemistry class this week we discussed the Scientific Method of Investigation. This topic is near and dear to my science-loving heart. In Malawi they used to teach the nine steps of Scientific Investigation, which was kind of confusing for the students. It's much better now though as the new curriculum teaches the six steps, which closely align to the Scientific Method that we all grew up with in the U.S.A.

Step 1 is State the Question. As we discussed this week, a question usually arises from an observation. We talked about what an observation is and how we use our five senses to make them. For homework I assigned them the task of making one observation that night.

These two were my favorites:

You can see my grading method in the photo. I borrowed this from another PCV because I just don't have time to assign points to every homework question and track them all. This way I still correct them, but it saves me some time. A check means the answer is correct. A star at the top means they did a very good job on the assignment as a whole. Both students went above and beyond because they not only made observations, but they used them to formulate questions. Success!

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