Thursday, October 1, 2015

My week at a glance

It's almost Friday, and thank goodness. I am exhausted. It has been a really busy week. Between teaching, my Malaria Awareness Club, library and other projects at school, I just feel like I am running on empty. When I get home in the afternoons I just want to drink a liter of water and go right to sleep.

Unfortunately, that isn't usually an option. I only have around three hours after I get home before dark, and in that time I need to cook, clean up, bathe and lesson plan for the next day. It's usually not enough time and I often end up lesson planning by flashlight in my mosquito net.

I've had a little extra work cleaning up this week too. Besides the additional lizard droppings that come this time of year thanks to the increased activity of my gecko housemates, I've discovered that I have mice. And they also poop a lot. And knock things over in the middle of the night, little buggers. They left this little trail in my makeshift sink:

Plus it has been really windy, which sends a ton of leaves and other plant debris through the gaps in my roof and into my house.

On Sunday I noticed the nest of black ants in my yard had been disturbed, and they decided to move the colony.

I fought to keep them away from the house, and suffered a few ant bites in the process. In the end they moved under the drain. Hopefully they are just outdoor ants and don't find my house inviting. Honestly it is cooler outside anyway.

Oh yeah, it's really hot too. I'm drinking a lot of water these days, although drinking lukewarm water on a hot day isn't really that satisfying. Luckily I have had water almost everyday this week. I can't say the same thing for the power, which goes out almost everyday now. I give thanks everytime I can charge my phone or there is water in the pipe outside, that's for sure.

Well, I'm off. I'm going to go dunk my washcloth in some more water and then drape it over me so I can cool off enough to try and sleep.

Enjoy your cool Fall weather back Home. I miss it!

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