Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Attack of the Army Ants, Part 2: The Return

Last week I woke up early, with plans to make a cup of tea and enjoy a quiet morning where I didn’t have to rush off to school first thing. Malawi had other plans for me though. The linthumbu, the army ants, were back. They had a trail near my bafa (outdoor bathing area) and garden. So fires were made at key locations where they were coming out of the ground, and I put poison around the perimeter of my house where I remembered seeing them last time, and I sprayed much Doom bug spray in my bedroom, kitchen and guest room where they had invaded last time. And I prayed. And texted Colii, of course.

All that day I kept checking for more signs of them, but the coast was clear… until that evening. Which seems to be their way. They like to go on the move at night. I set this fire in my garden over several of their holes. And then had to set a few more. My poor garden is really taking a hit from these things.

The problem with army ants is that they can tunnel under the ground, so you chase them away in one place and they just make a new tunnel and come up somewhere else.  Here is a photo of one of their tunnel entrances in my yard. I still have these all over my yard from the last invasion, and everytime I see them they give me the shivers.

They ended up coming back the next day, making a thick trail along my gate in my garden and into the grass near my fence. I set more fires, put out more poison, and prayed for the best. It has been over a week now, and I haven't seen them back yet. I inspected my garden  and I saw three different kinds of ants hanging out there, which is a good sign. They would not be there if the linthumbu were anywhere nearby.

So here's hoping that will be my last brush with the red driver ants of Malawi. I've still got my can of Doom next to my bed though, just in case.

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