Monday, October 26, 2015

Making Adgecă Again

This is my 2nd time making adgecă! It's a type of salsa...soooooo yummy! 

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...garlic... ;o]

Here's me this year looking very Moldovan with my "house dress" (aka "robe" in America) on:

Here's me last year wearing the same pajama bottoms :op:

Here's the grinder that took a chunk out of my finger. As i was grinding, i thought to myself, "I wonder if my right hand will stop grinding if my left hand gets should right? Since they're both attached to the same brain?" Well, not right hand did stop, but only after a chunk was taken from my left finger.

It doesn't look that bad, but it was deep and very painful.

I didn't tell Mama-G and kept grinding vegetables, making sure to keep my injured finger away from the food...then a wasp stung my right finger! That hurt bad. It was like searing hot pain traveling up my nerves from my finger all the way up my arm. That one i couldn't hide from Mama-G cuz i immediately shot my hand back in pain. She asked me what happened and i told her and she told me to rub garlic on it (an old Moldovan remedy for stings) i did, but it didn't help. Then she saw my other injury and told me to stop grinding and take care of my finger. So i put a bandaid on it and went back to grinding ;op.

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