Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Malawi vs Moldova: McDonalds


This is the closest thing to a McDonald's in Malawi. This vendor in Cape Maclear near Lake Malawi had this clever sign advertising his "chips" (in the British sense, which is french fries to us Yankees). Colii and I didn't try them, but I haven't tasted anything in Malawi that comes close to real french fries.

Oddly enough, we do have one American fast food chain in Malawi though. KFC is located in Blantyre. They offer chicken and chips, and for a little local cultural flare-- fried nsima balls. I might make Colii try them with me if she comes back to Malawi next year.


Moldova has the real McDonald's. I had Colii take my picture here, but we didn't actually eat here.

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