Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What's in Season - November

I love going to the bigger markets in the neighboring villages to check out the new produce.

This month I have found lychees, avocados(!), these stone fruits that look like green apricots, okra, bell pepper and green beans. And of course the always available tomatoes, onions and bananas.

The lychees taste very sweet and much less slimy than I remember them. I shared some with the neighbor kids and they immediately spit out the seeds and took them home to keep for planting, so I guess they don't grow around here.

The avocados are delicious. The peel is really thin and you can peel it with your hands. The seed is usually loose inside and rolls around. The flavor is a little bit sweet, so I can see why people might eat them with sugar here. But i'm all about the guacomole. Mmm...

Oh yeah, did I mention the mangos? There are two kinds of mangos available now. There are the small yellow/orange ones and then the large green ones. They are both delicious, but I like the green ones better. They are less stringy and have a milder sweetness.

Here is a photo for comparison:


  1. We were all waiting for the summer fruits for you to enjoy. Interesting avocados. And yes, all about the guac, but do you have hot peppers around as well?

    1. Hey Sue! I have seen small orange peppers that resemble habanero peppers. When avocado season really picks up I will have to try some.