Tuesday, November 25, 2014

igienă personală poezii (personal hygiene poems)

For homework after my lesson on personal hygiene, i asked my elevii (students) to write a poem to present to the class about personal hygiene. It turned out AWESOME!!!

                      (A băiat (boy) even did it!!)

                     Every day with a toothbrush
                     Clean with toothpaste.
                     The face and hands tell you
                     To wash with soap.
                     Respect hygiene
                     And you will be always clean.

                     Washing hands with soap to
                     To be always clean,
                     Toothbrush with paste
                     It gives teeth to rock

                     Hygiene is important
                     For a nominal lifetime
                     To be always clean
                     You should wash.

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  1. The kids look so intense in reading their poems. Each picture is sweet!!