Monday, November 10, 2014


YAY care packages!!! When i went to Chișinău this past weekend, i had 3 care packages waiting for me!!! The best part about care packages to me isn't the stuff itself (even though it's super dooper appreciated!!), it's knowing that i'm loved and thought of back home!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! I LOVE YOU TOOOOOOO!!!

The above picture is all 3 care packages made for an interesting, foarte greu (very heavy) journey home...but weeeeelllll worth it!!! :oD

Thank you Cin!!! All this stuff will get much use - beanie will be worn throughout toamnă și iarnă (fall and winter); as you can see on previous blog posts, i use A LOT of markers for my class activității (activities), so they are ALWAYS appreciated; I LOVE LARA BARS, and you just can't go wrong with peanut butter chocolate chip anything, so these will probably be eaten within the week!; the roasted almond snacks will get me thru my school days inbetween classes; and the card is my fave and is already hanging on my door so i can see it everyday!!! THANK YOU!!! MISSULUVU!!!

What can i say??...other than i have the best mom (& dad, of course ;op) EVER! In this package i received a super soft velvety blanket, a cute lamb hot water bottle, 2 pairs of adorable socks (especially the ones with the cute little fox!), a rather sophisticated boot shoe horn that kinda scares me and intrigues me at the same time, a Tide-to-go stick, gallon-sized ziplock bags (very useful!), a really great eraser that i wanted (i know, sounds weird, but i erase a lot while working on my school activities, and it's good to have a high quality eraser!), a lot of art supplies - paints, paintbrushes, paper, Prismacolors, and even a color wheel, and possibly the best thing of all...Halloween Oreos! Thank you mom & dad!!! I LOVE and MISS YOU!!!!!!!!

And finally woggy's (Paul's) care package...the biggest & heaviest of them all!! ;o]

He got me super soft, warm, comfy pj pants, a really nice Dickie's hoodie, thermals - tops and bottoms...tons of super yummy, healthy food - steel cut oats, wild rice, black rice, lentils, quinoa, spaghetti, hemp seeds, raisins, a replenishment of various granola bars (another ALWAYS needed item), chocolate chips, Werther's Originals, brown sugar (o how i missed you), Easter candy (probably from 1 of his customers ;op), zinc tablets (good for the onset of colds), toothpaste (toiletries are pretty pricey here), gallon ziplocks (like i said before...VERY useful!), packing tape (to hang things on the walls in my classroom), other tape, stapler & staples (the 1 i bought here is a waste of a product...i have to literally manually staple with my fingers), markers (YAY!), cool foam stickers (i haven't been able to find any stickers here, and i've been told from other PCVs that they love them), plastic glittery spiders (that'll probably get used next Halloween), a soccer ball (to use in the class as a game i'm gonna try), & dog toys - a rope and a tennis ball - for my puppy, Nicolae! THANKS BABZ!!! LUVUMISSU!!!!!!!!!

Thank you ALL for your love and support! Only (almost) 21 more months!!! :oD

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  1. Hello! My daughter just arrived last week to begin her Peace Corps service in Moldova as a health educator. I was researching options for mailing care packages and stumbled across your blog. I was wondering if you could share what carrier most of your care packages are sent through and what experience you've had with regard to the time they take to arrive, and if many of them go astray on the way. From my research so far, it appears as though the USPS has the best rate. Any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to going back and reading your posts about your experiences. Thank you! You can email back to