Wednesday, November 5, 2014

20 Ways to Use a Chitenje

A chitenje is printed cloth typically sold in two meter increments. You can find them throughout Malawi. They are most commonly wrapped around and worn as a skirt by females. However, I have learned there are many other uses for this amazing item. My goal is to come up with 100 different ways to use a chitenje before I leave Malawi.

A typical chitenje vendor on market day will have many for you to choose from. The local trading posts will have a smaller selection and usually charge more.

Here is the first list of 20. I have used zitenje (plural of chitenje) in each of these different ways so far:

Wrap it around your waist and wear it as a skirt
Tailor it into a blouse or skirt
Tailor it into a dress
Wrap it around you as a shawl
Hang it as a curtain
Cushion eggs while in transit
Privacy screen in the bafa
Cover your water bucket
Use as a towel after bathing
Cover your underthings on the clothesline
Outdoor blanket to sit on
Baby sling
Lap blanket
Carry stuff in it
Clean your paraffin lamp
Wet it and drape over you to sleep in the hot season

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