Thursday, November 6, 2014

Preparing for iarnă (winter)

PC $ hard at work...thanks American taxpayers for not letting me freeze this winter! ;op
I walked out of the house this evening and there was an old Soviet-style truck backing into the driveway hauling all this wood for winter! That's Mama-G looking out from it.

Mama-G taught me how to prepare my sobă (a furnace type of thingy which heats the house)!

Step 1: Empty sobă from previous use (charcoalized wood).

Step 2: Gather logs and corn cobs and place in newly cleaned-out sobă.

Step 3: Do not be deceived by Herbalife container...

Step 4: Open Herbalife container while holding breath and take out awful smelling fuel-cube-thingy (1 to start with) and place under log and close Herbalife container so breathing can continue.

Step 5: Obtain lighting source, in this case, matches.

Step 6: Light fuel-cube-thingy with lit match and close sobă door.

Step 7: Get warm. (I don't know what the little door is for) The sobă heats very well...too well actually...every night since we've been using it i wake up sweating and hafta open my window.

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