Friday, September 26, 2014

Toamnă este aici!!! ...for realz yo

So, Autumn is here, and it's frkn COLD!!! I LOVE IT!!!! ...but it's frkn COLD!!! The past few nights have gotten down in the 30's (Farenheit, duh)! By the time i walked to school the other day (only about a 10 minute walk), my feet, hands, and nose were numb!

My prep for winter while i was still in SoCal was limited...I was shopping for winter (or trying to) in SoCal in May...

It's only Autumn and i'm already soooooooooo cold!!! Mama-G gave me a 2L bottle filled with hot water last night to put under my blankets next to me while i was wonderful! and it stayed warm the whole night!

(on the left: corn cobs used as fuel in the sobă (heater thingy) for heat during the winter; 
on the right: freshly painted squatty potty...we have a flushing toilet inside (technically we don't have plumbing, the water that flushes and comes out of the tap is pumped in from the well), so i'm wondering about this freshly painted outhouse...does it mean it gets so cold here in winter that we can't flush the toilet and are gonna hafta use this the whole COLD iarnă (winter)?? ...sigh)

time to start growing out my winter coat, i guess ;op

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