Friday, September 26, 2014

4 weeks of școală terminat!...31 more to go!!

(elevii [students] putting a puzzle of the 3 aspects of health together during class)

(„Triunghiul de sănătate” - mintală, fizică, și socială
"Triangle of Health" - mental, physical, & social - i made puzzle pieces for each health aspect - each representing one of the colors of the Moldovan flag - albastru [blue], galben [yellow], și roșu [red];
o, and obviously not all the elevii showed up for class, hence all the blank puzzle pieces)

(elevii posting their own health drawings onto „Triunghiul de sănătate” ["Triangle of Health"]; my partner teacher, Natalia, is encouraging them)

(my 1st gift from an elev as a profesoară!!)

(2nd gift...the plum looks like a butt...or a heart, depending on how you look at it ;op)

(& 3rd time's the charm! my 1st măr (apple)!!! YAY! how iconic! i feel like a real teacher now! :o] )

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