Friday, September 26, 2014

bucket bathing...not for everyone ;op

Like my sister down in Malawi, i too must bucket bathe in lieu of showering or any type of bathing with running water...but, unlike my sister, i really dread it and avoid it for as long as possible! I've lived in my site for 6 weeks now and have only bucket bathed twice so far!! I know, ew, right??, well, i've thankfully managed to get away almost every weekend and have been able to take either real, or almost real showers when i've been away from site! The 2 weekends i've stayed at site were the 2 weekends in which i bucket bathed...not a pretty site. So, if you've done the math, ya, i'm only truly bathing about once a week...but inbetween bathings, i do body wipe-downs with the baby wipes i brought with i'm not completely gross. ;op

But, the bucket itself, i do love and it hasn't gone completely to waste! I used it a couple weeks ago to puke in while i was having waterfalls of diarrhea! I think that one of the most valuable possessions all PCVs must have is a bucket! ...regardless of bucket bathing! 

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