Sunday, September 21, 2014

There's a toad in my bafa

This morning when I went into the bafa (outdoor bathing area) I saw this little guy waiting for me. Ah, it's good to be in Malawi...

Just looked up the word for frog in Chichewa. Frog is "chule". Although I guess this might be a toad? For toad, my dictionary says "chule wa ku mtunda koma amaberekera m'madzi" which translates to something like "frog from higher ground but born in water". Chichewa is awesome.

I checked with the lovely and intelligent Brandy, who is wise in the ways of Herpitology, and she said that it is "surely a toad, probably the African common toad, not endangered, and abundant in Africa." Thanks, Brandy!

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