Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hot Season

While the Northern Hemisphere goes into Fall and Winter, it is getting quite warm down here in the South.

In Malawi, they say there are three seasons: Hot season, cold season and the rainy season. And it is officially the hot season. October and November are supposed to be the hottest months, so I am looking forward to that...

I don't have a thermometer, but that is probably a good thing because knowing the number is not going to make me feel any cooler. It's not so bad right now, though I notice I drink more water than a few weeks ago. (Although I really miss ice.)  Mostly it is just difficult to sleep at night. I got a tip from a PCV to sleep with a wet handkerchief over me to cool me off, so I tried that last night. It worked pretty well too.

The heat has some benefits though-- tropical fruit season is coming! I got a bunch of bananas (nthochi) yesterday for really cheap. And my neighbors gave me this from their tree:

Papaya! Now I admit I am not a huge papaya fan, but when in Malawi...

Stay warm, Northerners!

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