Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kusamba in a Bucket

Here in Malawi I bathe (kusamba) by taking bucket baths. I heat the water then pour it into a large plastic basin. I use a plastic cup with a handle to pour the water over me. Add a bar of soap, a washcloth and a towel, and I'm all set. (Thanks for the soap, Mom. I love it!)

I bathe in the bafa, an outdoor structure made of mud bricks. There are little windows to let light in, and a drain to carry away used water.

I have to bathe when it is still light out because I wouldn't be able to see anything otherwise. Also, bugs. Although I did take a few bucket baths by lantern light during homestay, which was kind of nice. Except for the mosquito bites.

While I do miss showers, I don't mind bucket baths. On a hot day it is very refreshing. And it uses very little water. Plus, it is part of the Peace Corps Volunteer experience!

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