Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wildlife DOES exist in Moldova!!

I've been in Moldova now for almost 4 months, and up until a couple days ago, had yet to see any wildlife...well, wild mammals, at least (i saw a beautiful bright green lizard, and, of course, birds). But, after i hitched a ride home the other day (one of the main modes of transportation, and other than walking 7 km into my village, it's the only way into my village from the bus stop outside of my village) & was dropped off, I saw a dead rat in the road...and today, lo & behold, I saw an actual squirrel in a tree! I was so happy! Even though i was running a little late for my meeting with my new partner teacher, i had to stop to take pictures for proof (cuz some of my fellow PCVs probably won't believe me).

Sorry they're not the best quality, but hey, it's a frkn squirrel in Moldova... for realz!! 

So, here's a recap of the wildlife i've witnessed so far in Moldova: 1 huge bee-like creature, 1 bright green lizard, 1 critter in my ceiling that i know is gonna fall on me while i'm sleeping one night...which i'm sure will make for a great story to post...1 dead rat in the road (i regret not taking a picture for more proof of wildlife), & 1 squirrel in a tree! ...as well as birds, of course, and way too many stray dogs and cats.

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