Tuesday, February 9, 2016

COS lottery!!

Here in Moldova, it's tradition to have a COS (Close of Service) lottery for the group who will be leaving next, which were the M29's (my group) this year. It's a lottery to pick the date that you end your service with PC. As an education volunteer, we were able to choose from July 13 - August 12 (it's based from our swear-in date, which was August 13, 2014). My friends and i want to go to Odessa, Ukraine together after COSing, so we decided to try to get July 19th together. I was the 2nd person picked to choose a date, so i obviously had dibs on July 19th. And, since there are less than 50 out of over 70 of us left, we all got the dates we wanted - give or take a day. 5 people are allowed to COS on the same day (PC can't process us out all at once, it would be too overwhelming), and all 5 of us who are planning on going to Odessa got our July 19th date! YAY! :oD It works out perfectly because Stacy's COS date is July 29th, so i'll just head down there after Odessa.

Here are the remaining healthE's together (top-to-bottom/left-to-right): SHam, Christine, me, Rosemary, Amanda, Kirsten, Moniqua, Terry-boy, Aana, Nate, Chelsea, Terry-girl, and Rochelle. We're missing Is here, she was one of the few who couldn't be at the lottery.

Here's the July 19th crew. Nate wrote a fake date because he's surprising his family by being home for his and his sister's birthdays in July...hopefully none of them read this blog... ;op

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