Friday, February 5, 2016

Căteluși nouă! (New puppies!)

So, the other day i went in the kitchen for my normal coffee routine and heard a rustling. I saw a cardboard box on the floor and thought maybe one of the cats snuck inside. I looked in the box and saw this:

My immediate thought was that it was too big to be one of the cats. My next thought was that it was a nutria. Then i looked closer and realized they were 2 ADORABLE tiny puppies! :oD

This is the sister. She smaller, darker, and truly is the baby of the two. She doesn't like being away from her brother.

And here's the brother. He's a little bigger, more energetic, and more independent; although, he takes care of his little sister's needs of needing to be with him constantly.

They love to nuzzle up to my neck. Whatever side the brother is on, the sister migrates to that side too. Then they just lick my face (they still have scrumptious puppy breath) and chill. I LOVE THEM!
(top/left is the brother; bottom/right is the sister)

Now the goal is to keep them alive. It seems like we're having an early Spring, so it's not as cold as it was, which is good, cuz of course they were outside the very 1st night.

They don't have names yet. Rada, my host neice, is going to name them.

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