Monday, February 8, 2016

Casual Day

Today was Casual Day at my school. That means students are allowed to wear  their regular clothes to school instead of their usual uniforms. This was a fundraiser to raise money for our sports team.

Each student was required to contribute K50 - K200 depending on their outfit. If they just wore jeans and a t-shirt, they would pay K50. Or if they wore denim cutoffs, a black t-shirt, a red bandanna and black sunglasses, like one of my students, they had to pay more (that ensemble cost him K150).

A good number of students took advantage of the opportunity to wear regular clothes. I saw lots of sideways ball caps, girls with National Wear (dresses and skirts and blouses made out of chitenjes), and sunglasses. One girl even shaved a design into her hair, which is not allowed normally. So they really had fun with it.

There were still quite a few students that wore their uniforms today. Those students were still required to pay K50 though. Failure to pay resulted in those students being sent home. I guess compulsory donations are one way to show commitment to school sports. Not sure how that would go over in America though.

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