Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cricova wine run

I got to run (more like, really slowly jog) a 10k in the 2nd biggest winery in the world! And underground! A run like this would probably never take place in America due to safety liabilities. I had to use my phone's flashlight for about half the run cuz it was so dark. Plus the floor is uneven - rocky in some parts, dusty in others, and slick. It was kinda confusing too, which, coming from Moldova, would've been disappointing if it wasn't. 

This is the map:

One section of the course double-backed on itself twice. In 2 places on the course (meaning we passed by them a total of 4 times) there was a boombox playing blood curdling screams - like what you'd hear in a haunted house. In 1 section there was a park bench and 2 guys there reading a newspaper, acting(?) drunk, and offering wine to runners-by. At another place there was like a Mexican style singer/guitarist and dancer. At one point we ran outside of the winery for the smallest little circle ever...it was like the winery farted and we had to run in that little circle. One of my friends decided to skip the mini circle, but the workers caught up with her and made her turn around and run the tiny circle, so apparently the little fart circle was very important. The person in last place was followed by the Grim Reaper. At the end we were wrapped in gold emergency blankets (the same as we used to have as kids in our earthquake emergency kits at school), which got all kinds of odd looks from Moldovans on the way home. And, instead of water at the end, there was mulled wine to welcome us to the finish line. O Moldova, i will miss you!

Ya, so this is the face mask we all got that we could wear if we wanted to during the run...again, this would never happen in America...i LOVE it! (I didn't use mine)

My number:

There were 6 of us PCVs that went, one of which (the one who had to turn around to run the miniscule circle outside) was last, so the Grim Reaper followed her in. For last place, she won so much cool stuff - bread baking pans, a key chain of a runner, which is also a bottle opener, a HUGE wine glass, and compression socks...for realz!

Here's what every runner got:
a little backpack

a really nice quality sports shirt

VIN! WINE! De sigur! (Of course) :o]

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