Friday, February 20, 2015

Ziua Îndrăgostiților (Valentine's Day)

I was in Chișinău on Valentine's Day with other PCVs celebrating my birthday weekend (my actual birthday was on Monday, so we celebrated the weekend before). I was impressed by Chișinău's spirit for the holiday!

In my classes i taught about boli de inimă (heart disease) the week before Valentine's Day, and in honor of Valentine's Day i had all of the students draw hearts and then draw or write inside the hearts reasons that were personal to them to want to keep their hearts healthy. For the 9th grade class i had them write poems about it in their hearts. 

After i collected all the hearts, i put together a heart took waaaaaaay longer than i thought it would or should...4 hours! I ended up laminating (with packing tape, of course) as i went along, which added significantly to the time it took to put this together:

It's hanging a wall in our classroom and the students LOVE it! :o] ...That makes it worth the 4 hours of effort!

Here are some of my faves:

Being a Nurse, how could i not love this one?? ...although, it seems to have an arrhythmia ;op

Lovin' the realism, including labels!!

This student wants to keep their heart healthy for their country (Moldovan flag on the left) and XBox + 3D glasses (i think) ;o]

This kid apparently loves to box apples ;op

I love the floating faces hovering over what looks like tress of lettuce ;o]

As i've said before, Moldova is the gateway between the East and the West. Above you saw the Moldovan flag, which usually means pro-European Union. Here you see "OK.RU" which is obviously pro-Russia. The clash of cultures is even evident in middle school classrooms! Interesant!

This is another fave of mine. The students know that i love my dog (the mudg girlz) and i always use her as an example of things i love, so some of the students like to copy that is one it a rat dog? I dunno, but i love it!

Another anatomically correct heart with a symbolic heart overlaying it, and a poem...pretty cool!

Is that Homer Simpson??

Lovn the '80's doo's ;op

Love of nature...YAY!!

And finally, my contribution...the mudg girl, de sigur (of course!)!

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  1. What a fun way to incorporate the holiday into your lesson plan. Great idea!

    P.S. I use packing tape for lamination too. Works pretty well.